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Moroccan Berber Rug BER030-M-22 (270cm x 180cm)

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Moroccan Berber Rug BER030-M-22 (270cm x 180cm)

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  • UK’s largest selection of genuine Morrocan Berber rugs
  • Order online or by phone - 0207-099-6616
  • 7 Day DPD delivery starting from £4.99 - flexible options available
  • Viewings by appointment at our Chipping Norton showroom
  • Off-street parking available
  • Handwoven with natural organic wool
  • Measurements include tassels
  • Delivered in recycled packaging
  • No-fuss 14 day return policy

This beautiful authentic Medium Beni Ourain rug measures 270cm x 180cm, and has been carefully handcrafted by Amina, a Moroccan Berber weaver. These gifted Moroccan Berber Tribe Women have a long and celebrated tradition of making these unique textiles for centuries. The same techniques have been employed by these gifted artists for generations and many of the weaving methods have been passed down throughout the years from one weaver to the next.

Sourced Naturally

We source these organic textiles right at the source, in the magnificent Northern African Atlas Mountains. This stunning small Berber rug features intriguing motifs and symbols - although they may look like abstract patterns they do symbolise different traditions. Berber designs usually relate to sexuality, fertility, survival and natural elements. Typically a lozenge, chevron and an ‘X’ relate to female symbols - in Berber tradition the meaning of these symbols were thought to ward off evil. Each rug is a one-off design and has been handwoven with the weaver’s creativity and artistic flair so the exact rug you see in the photograph is the one you will receive. The dimensions of this small Beni Ourain rug make it an ideal choice as a hallway runner. All are painstakingly woven with handspun wool, and therefore each rug is guaranteed to be authentic and as individual as your fingerprints!

Suitable for all Decors

This authentic Beni Ourain rug features neutral colours ensuring it will blend effortlessly with almost all existing interior design schemes. We have established long-standing relationships with the Berber tribes people ensuring an ethical and mutually beneficial exchange to guarantee 

Berber Rug Care

Although it may come as a surprise the upkeep of these light coloured rugs is not as difficult as it may seem. The wool used to create these magnificent creations features natural lanolin found in sheep’s wool. Lanolin is a nature-made stain barrier that makes it difficult for stains to penetrate the wool. To remove stains simply use a damp cloth and wipe in the natural direction of the weave to prevent staining. However, for a full deep cleaning, we suggest having the rug cleaned by professionals.