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Transform Your Space With Your Cowhide Rug

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A cowhide rug can be a wonderful way to amp up an otherwise plain and boring space. Coming in a variety of colours and patterns, these genuine cowhides provide a comfortable lived-in look that can be equally modern and relaxed. They can be used as a unique design element in nearly any setting for both comfort and eye-catching décor.

Because they are made with natural hides from real cows, they will need special care as compared with other area rugs. Cowhide rugs should only need to be cleaned well every three to six months. Those who only use their cowhide rugs for short times each year, such as during the winter months, will want to take special care when taking the rugs out of storage. These rugs should be rolled loosely to decrease the chance of creasing or cracking. Homeowners must be sure to protect their rugs from sunlight and from other environmental stressors that could harm the colours, texture and gloss of the hide rug. These rugs can become dry, stressed and cracked when placed in drafts or in bright lights.

Should the unthinkable happen, it is possible to clean a variety of spots and stains from the surface of these sturdy rugs. A damp cloth with mild soap can be used for minor stains. However, more concerning stains may require cleaning with a one percent white vinegar solution. Dry cleaning solution may also work in some situations. The rug should never get wet, however.

Of course, the main way to use these cowhides is as a rug. These beautiful rugs are soft and silky on the feet while protecting from cold floors. Because they come in unique shapes, they can fit around all types of furniture. However, there is no need to stop with the floor when decorating with these versatile rugs. Consider hanging them on the wall as a piece of artwork or draping them over the back of a sofa for a burst of contrasting colour. Other ideas include placing it at the foot of a bed, or using it on top of a soft ottoman. With an array of neutral colors, cowhide rugs can blend effortlessly with numerous decorations.

A cowhide rug is a wonderful investment because it is so sturdy. They are extremely beautiful and fit in well with nearly all décor patterns, from traditional to contemporary. Coming in a variety of colours and patterns, every cowhide rug is unique and gradually becomes more beautiful over time. Choose these naturally beautiful rugs for their design, their durability and their versatility.

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