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Icelandic Light Taupe Single Sheepskin Rug

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Icelandic Light Taupe Single Sheepskin Rug

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Icelandic Light Taupe Single Sheepskin Rug

  • Order online today and receive within 7 days
  • Rugs measure approximately 90cm by 60cm - 15 - 17 cm hair length 
  • Packaged in robust recycled material
  • No questions return policy
  • Selected by hand to ensure ultimate quality
  • DPD Couriers–You can count on real-time delivery notifications
  • Delivery window option available
  • Telephone orders available at 0207-099-6616
  • Machine washable

It’s not surprising that this Icelandic light taupe single sheepskin rug is a top seller amongst many of our customers. As you can see, it is a lovely and elegant choice that is guaranteed to work well with virtually any type of interior design scheme. No matter what you have in mind, this rug’s versatility is sure to be an advantage. In addition, its 90 cm x 60 cm size is one of our most popular since it can be used in so many different ways. 

Its light taupe shade blends with essentially any colour scheme, and this particular rug features longer than average hair. The hair boasts a length of approximately 15 cm to 17 cm, which creates an outstanding softness, great texture and elegant appeal that other sheepskins cannot compete with. 

Indulge in a bit of comfort by placing your authentic sheepskin rug alongside your bed for an extra plush area to place your feet on. You may also wish to consider getting rid of your old tired bathmat and use your new luxurious single sheepskin instead. This lovely taupe colour is also an excellent choice for placement in front of a rocker or easy chair, or beneath a coffee table.

If your home has a fireplace, you can position your sheepskin in front of it for an eye-catching conversation piece. Draping it over a footstool in your living room is also a great way to enjoy its sumptuous surface. If you have toddlers, don’t forget to invest in one of these authentic sheepskins for your nursery as well, as the extra long hair featured by the Icelandic taupe sheepskin is ideal for little feet.

Caring For Your Icelandic Sheepskin Rug

You will also be happy to find that you don’t have to worry about any type of complicated maintenance. Even though this beautiful sheepskin rug is a high-end product, complex care is not necessary. Simply clean up spills promptly, brush the rug in the natural direction of the hair and make sure you give it a hearty shake from time to time to dislodge crumbs and dirt. No matter what your decorating ideas are at the moment, this timeless, genuine single sheepskin rug can only add beauty and charm to your home.