Brindle Cowhides

Brindle cowhide rugs have unique stripes, made up of different tones giving them beautiful, unique and unusual markings.  These stunning natural cowhide rugs will fit in with almost all colour schemes, while adding natural colour and texture to your home interiors. Brindle cowhides typically feature rich natural tones which adds depth, creating a luxurious look to your hide. Why not consider adding a couple of matching cowhide cushions to complete the look? Each one of our premium quality brindle hides has been hand selected for beauty and quality. We source all our brindle cowhides from Colombia and Brazil due to their unmatched luxury and quality of their hides. Each cowhide goes through a chromium tanning process which takes over two weeks to complete. Chromium tanned hides will not shed or curl, and can easily withstand daily use for many years to come. Call one of our professional sales staff today if you need any assistance selecting your ideal brindle cowhide rug - 0207-099-6616.

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