The perfect addition to your cowhide rug, these footstools can only enhance the interior design of your living room, bedroom, or study. Our cowhide footstools also come with a range of choices regarding leg styles. Choose from six different leg styles and also we offer standard and extended leg height options. This means not only can you choose the colours and patterns that are right for your home, you can also select the perfect leg to blend seamlessly with your existing decor. Live in the Cotswolds? Book a viewing at our Chipping Norton showroom to see our wide selection of cowhide footstools - call 0207-099-6616.

Our stunning cowhide footstools are lovingly handmade locally in our Chipping Norton workshop. Featuring excellent craftsmanship and all-natural materials, these footstools are a perfect addition to your home. To get started select your required footstool size, choose from the unique cowhide pattern and then select your leg designs available.  Cowhide footstools serve both practical and decorative purposes, and are extremely hard-wearing.  Featuring an expansive range of colours, patterns, designs and sizes, each authentic cowhide footstool/ottoman is a one-of-a-kind creation and has been individually photographed so you know exactly what you're getting before you buy! You can choose a more subtle shade that blends with your other furnishings, or opt for a bold black and white print cow skin footstool to infuse style into your existing decor.



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