Cowhide Dining Chairs

If your dining room needs an extra special touch, consider investing in a set of lovely cowhide dining chairs. With their luxurious texture and high backs, our cowhide dining chairs are the ideal combination of functionality and fashion. Their designs and patterns complement any dining room, regardless of its overall decor. Whether you prefer contrasting colours, bold patterns, or lighter, neutral shades, we have the exact set of chairs you are searching for. Our authentic cowhide dining chairs can be purchased in a broad range of shades, including speckled patterns, brown and white or black and white designs, or multi-coloured patterns. Each one is 100% unique, as they are made from genuine cowhide.

If you are in need of an indoor/outdoor chair that still offers the sumptuous, comfortable texture of cowhide, our Tolix chairs are perfect. Made with a galvanized steel frame and featuring an authentic cowhide cushion, these chairs are another great option, depending on what you have in mind. Our dining room chairs are handcrafted locally, so you are assured of a quality product every time. Each chair is individually photographed and ready to ship. Our Cowhide products are also easy to wipe clean if spills occur. Simply rub the area with a damp cloth in the natural direction of the cow hair. Perfect with any interior design, these attractive and practical chairs are a great investment for any shopper.

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