Octo Sheepskins

If there are areas of your home that would benefit from a touch of luxury and elegance, look no further than an extra large octo sheepskin rug. We offer top-quality rugs that feature longer hair than many other sheepskin rugs on today’s market. This makes them softer and fuller than those sold by our competitors, and far superior to fake sheepskin products. Their generous size and the variety of colours in which they can be purchased makes them perfect for a striking focal point in any room, and allows you to use them in other ways as well.

Cover a cold hardwood floor with one of our authentic octo sheepskins, or use it as an extra layer of warmth for your bed. You can also place an octo sheepskin over a large sofa to turn a traditional piece of furniture into a posh, ultra-comfortable place to relax. Never fall into the trap of buying a cheap imitation, as nothing can compare to authentic sheepskin rugs of this quality. You will also be pleased to discover that they are easy to care for and do not require complicated maintenance. All you must do is make sure spills are wiped up immediately and fluff or gently vacuum your new sheepskin occasionally to keep it looking beautiful. Because there is a virtually limitless number of ways theses extra large sheepskins can be used, consider investing in several to revitalize the decor throughout your home.


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