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Cowhide Rugs

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We feature a wide range of authentic cowhides, each chosen for their exceptional quality and remarkable beauty. Each cowhide has been chromium tanned to preserve its durability and longevity. This is a painstaking two week long process which prevents curling and shedding of the hide. We have been specialising in cowhide rugs for over 20 years and have also developed a range of luxury British-made cowhide furniture and accessories.

Cowhide remains an interior design feature of choice; its organic, natural and each cowhide rug is as unique as your fingerprints so you can rest assured you are truly getting a unique piece! It easily adapts to classic and contemporary living spaces, and the palette of natural hues featuring browns, tans, blacks and whites blend effortlessly with almost all home interior design styles. We aim to provide great value for our esteemed customers and as such we have a selection of cow hide rugs available here on special offer. These will sell in no time, due to the remarkable value they represent, so be sure to make a quick decision.

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