Metallic Cowhides

If you love cowhide products, but are searching for something a bit different, look no further than metallic cowhide rugs. There is no better way to add luxurious sparkle to your home. Our beautiful silver cowhides are a foolproof choice for any interior, as they blend well with virtually all types of decor. In addition, we offer a broad selection of other colours for an edgy, elegant touch. These top quality, authentic metallic cowhide rugs are hard wearing and boast outstanding longevity. Additionally, they are easy to clean and maintain - simply wipe up stains and spills with a damp sponge as soon as they occur, and shake the rug outdoors occasionally to keep it looking new. All of our metallic cowhide rugs are hand selected to ensure we use the highest quality hides, with the softest, most sumptuous hair available. Add one or more of these genuine metallic cowhides to your home today and see for yourself how their unique presence will add style and flair to any area in which they are placed. 


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