Extra Large Berber Rugs

Nothing says luxury like an extra large Berber rug.  Our rugs are handwoven by Moroccan weavers who create unique products you will not see duplicated anywhere else. An authentic Beni Ourain rug adds a stunning touch to essentially any room, as you are not simply purchasing the rug, but rather a piece of history. These beautiful, organic textiles are created with ancient techniques that are rarely seen in today’s modern world, which makes them a one-of-a-kind item. Extra-large for big rooms, they are ideal for generous size living areas. The subtle, abstract designs used by the weavers ensure that each rug will blend well in any area of your home, regardless of the room’s overall decor. The luxurious texture of these rugs is also a well loved characteristic, as the genuine wool from which they are made creates a surface that is softer and more supple than rugs manufactured from man-made materials. Additionally, their beautiful neutral tones are guaranteed to give any room in your home a stylish, fashionable touch. Handpicked to ensure top-notch quality, our extra large Beni Ourain rugs make outstanding focal points and can only serve to enhance any area in which they are placed.

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