Our reindeer rugs have been silicone treated so they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.  We will dispatch your reindeer hide within 7 business days.  Prefer to view your reindeer hide before you buy?  Viewings are available at our Chipping Norton showroom -  telephone 0207 099 6616 to arrange an appointment today.

Reindeer skins are an elegant and luxurious deep pile hide. Due to the nature of their hair, these rugs are not nearly as robust as cowhides. Some reindeer hides are prone to shedding, although shedding can be minimized by keeping your reindeer skin away from direct heat sources such as underfloor heating, fireplaces and radiators. To prevent the hair from drying out and becoming brittle you can periodically spray your reindeer hide with the fine mist setting of a water spray bottle. This will help prevent hair breakage and over-drying of the hide, although the purpose is not to soak the hide, rather just cover it with a fine mist.

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