Sheepskin Gloves

If you are in the market for that quintessential cold weather accessory, look no further than classic sheepskin gloves. Shearling gloves never go out of fashion and will always blend well with any outfit you pair them with, whether formal, casual, business or your own unique style. Unlike their synthetic counterparts, our genuine sheepskin gloves are insulated naturally, and therefore stay very warm even if you are out in cold weather for a significant length of time. We offer our sheepskin gloves in sophisticated black or lush brown and there are three different sizes available. They feature genuine suede on the outside with a shearling sheepskin lining, and a turnback option if you want to change their look in an instant. They are some of the warmest natural gloves you can buy, in addition to being durable, long wearing and beautiful. If warm gloves are on your agenda this season, treat yourself to one or more pairs of genuine sheepskin gloves. These lovely sheepskin gloves also make terrific gifts, so consider picking up an extra pair for that special someone. We offer seven day delivery for all items, so order today and have your gloves in no time.

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