Sexto Sheepskins

Dress up a dull room with a lovely, genuine sexto sheepskin rug. City Cows has a beautiful line of sheepskins that are perfect for any room in your home. Ideal for large spaces, these luxurious and elegant rugs instantly add warmth and style to an otherwise boring room. Although mass-produced fakes are available everywhere, they quickly become shabby looking and detract from the beauty of your home. Our authentic sexto sheepskin rugs not only remain attractive and stylish year after year, they also serve a variety of practical purposes. If your home is drafty in the winter, consider investing in a sexto sheepskin rug. Use one as a focal point for your living room, in front of a fireplace, or add a new sexto sheepskin to your bedroom. Nothing feels better than putting your feet down on a thick, plush sheepskin rug instead of a cold, hardwood floor.

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