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Sheepskin Rugs–A Timeless Classic for Any Home

Posted by The City Cows Team on 13th Jul 2020

Sheepskin is one of the world’s most luxurious animal hides, and rugs made from this substance are guaranteed to please virtually any customer. City Cows is happy to offer a broad range of rugs in … read more

The Charm and Beauty of Authentic Berber Rugs

Posted by The City Cows Team on 7th Jul 2020

Genuine, handmade Berber rugs are thoroughly different from the mass-produced fakes that pop up on a regular basis on the websites of some sellers. Owning an authentic Moroccan Berber rug is … read more

Cowhide Purses and Handbags - A Must-Have This Season

Posted by The City Cows Team on 10th Jun 2020

Anyone who has ever seen or handled genuine cowhide has likely discovered that there are few materials that can truly compete with its luxurious appearance and unique texture. For this reason, i … read more

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