Sheepskin Stools

If you are in the market for stylish yet affordable furniture accessories for your home, you will be delighted with our beautiful and practical authentic sheepskin stools. Featuring a sumptuous long pile of genuine, high quality sheepskin and legs made from solid oak, these beautiful pieces are a fail-safe choice. The length of the hair is anywhere from 50-60 cm long. This length makes each stool a true luxury item. Exemplifying the fashionable “cosy but sophisticated” decor that is all the rage this season, these one-of-a-kind stools are the perfect balance of beauty and functionality.  

You can use one of our genuine sheepskin stools to bring an unexpected accent into any room in your home. Place one in front of a vanity for a luxurious area in which to apply makeup for a night out on the town, or place a stool in your living room for additional seating for unexpected guests. Our range of colours are as versatile as the stools themselves, and you can choose from lovely shades such as white, pink, chocolate brown, taupe or oyster. The authentic oak legs can be removed, should you decide to use the top as a sheepskin pouffe. Durable and hard wearing, these stools are a must have for any home in need of a special touch. They measure H:50cm x W:40cm, making them a practical addition to any seating area. Make your home more comfy and stylish with one or more of these unique, authentic sheepskin stools!



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