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Hanging a cowhide skin rug or carpet onto your wall

Cowhide rug on the wall

Cowhide skins have progressed much further design wise than their initial use as carpets and rugs and are progressively gaining popularity as a decorative ornamental wall hanging. When a cowhide animal skin is displayed to their full natural glory on the wall they become rather like cowhide paintings and will help to transform a room by making it cosier and warmer an an integral part of your home. In fact the cowhide skin wall decoration will help to transform it into your very own modern-day cave! You will of course need to have a large wall on which to display your cowhide skin plus some persistence to hold a cowhide onto you wall (or alternatively ceiling); however it should just take a couple of easy steps and not more than an hour or so of your time to achieve a wonderful result.

There are a number of ways to display your cowhide skin rug or carpet on your wall. When the wall is soft - for example made of plasterboard or fibreboard then your simplest and easiest method to hang your cowhide skin carpet is always to use thin small headed nails or staples - ideally using a simple to use powered staple gun. You may need a large amount of nails or staples and they must be inconspicuous narrow headed thin nails so they are virtually invisible to the eye - and don’t forget cowhide animal skins can be quite heavy.

Firstly lay the cowhide skin on the ground in front of the area of the wall where it will ultimately hang. Make certain you position the cowhide so it’s centred whenever possible (if that’s your preferred position) and determine the best point and aspect of the hide determined from the actual centre from the cowhide skin so you like the look of the skin and it blends naturally with other wall decorations and items in the room.

Start nailing the cowhide skin onto the wall and hold your hands around the cowhide’s centre point and gather up the cowhide skin and climb the ladder. Nail the centre point in to the wall and a couple of top border points making certain the cowhide skin doesn’t curl in but is nailed far enough to make sure it hangs well on the wall . You can then follow this up by flattening the cowhide from the wall on one side of the hide and nail the outermost edges to the wall first which means you will eventually have a perfectly flat hide flush with the wall at all points and blending into the wall.

Finish the procedure by nailing around the perimeter of the cowhide skin at roughly equidistant points and firmly secure the cowhide skin onto the wall. You might want to repeat a couple of nails when the cowhide skin starts to buckle or bend to give it extra traction. You will need the cowhide skin look as flat as you possibly can on the wall or otherwise it won't look too good.

Cowhide skins used as a wall decoration may also be used in an outdoors location so long as it won’t get rained on or be excessively exposed to direct sunlight. In fact I’ve got a cowhide skin affixed to a varnished wooden dividing partition at the rear of my property and also the tri coloured cowhide brindle pattern shape and texture have generated many a complement followed by my friends and family rubbing the soft smooth and splendid sheen from the cowhide skin with much satisfaction.

The perfectly chromium tanned cowhide skins we sell at City Cows are virtually indestructible so you shouldn’t be worried or concerned about fixing it to the wall if that is your preferred choice of display. Correctly looked after, your cowhide skin rug or carpet should serve last a lifetime and provide countless hours of joy and satisfaction along the way.

Some Top Tips for Hanging a Cowhide Skin towards the Wall

  • Cowhide skins have been used as great bed headboards!
  • Use a more powerful, thicker nail for that top centre of cowhide skin when you begin to hang your cowhide skin. If you feel that the more muted natural coloured cowhide skins are not dramatic or funky enough for your tastes then you may consider dyed or printed cowhide skins that resemble zebra hide, tiger or other exotic animal skins.
  • You'll be able to hang a cowhide skin onto your wall on your own but as with all things in life an additional set of hands wouldn’t go amiss.
  • Hanging a cowhide skin to the wall could be a major headache if done in haste and without due consideration, but I know you’ll think it very worthwhile once you take the plunge and discover the outcomes.