Oyster Single Sheepskin Rug - SINGLEOYST

Oyster Single Sheepskin Rug
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Oyster Single Sheepskin Rug

  • Order online today and receive within 7 days
  • Size is approximately 90cm by 60cm - 6-7 cm hair length 
  • Sent to you in strong, recycled, packing material
  • Hand selected to ensure high-quality
  • No questions asked return policy
  • DPD Couriers – Delivery window and real-time delivery notifications
  • Purchase can be made by telephone - 0207-099-6616
  • Machine washable

If you are sprucing up your interiors and have decided that it’s time to add an elegant accent piece or a luxurious touch to an old piece of furniture, this lovely oyster-coloured single sheepskin rug is an outstanding choice. Made from 100% authentic sheepskin, it is both a beautiful and hard wearing rug. Named for its opulent hues, this luxuriously soft sheepskin will instantly perk up virtually any interior design scheme.

The attractive oyster shade you see here lends itself well to essentially any type of wood regardless of its colour, so it is an ideal choice if your home features hardwood floors or wood trim. It not only makes chairs more comfortable when draped over them, it also adds texture to the room when used as a rug on top of wooden floors. Its neutral colour is guaranteed to blend with bright shades and darker hues alike. This is advantageous, since it will always look great no matter how often you redecorate. Its rich shade is a solid choice for a plush bath mat as well, especially if you prefer an elegant bathroom. Another terrific option is placing it in front of a fireplace in your living room or bedroom, as its stunning shade looks especially lovely in firelight. Adding flair and style to any area of your home is easy with one or more of our attractive, hard-wearing single sheepskins. Don't forget your four-legged friends - pets simply adore snuggling up on our single sheepskins as the plush tactile hair makes for a comfortable nap time bed.

Keep Your Sheepskin Looking Beautiful

Caring for your sheepskin rug is not a difficult task. In fact, because it is robust and naturally natural hard wearing, no time-consuming cleaning routine is necessary. From time to time, simply shake the rug to loosen debris and dirt, the latter of which should shake loose quickly due to the soft texture of the hair. Make sure you always brush the rug in the natural direction of the hair to keep it looking new. However, it’s important to note that it should not be brushed or rubbed if it is damp, as this can damage the surface of the rug. Always address spills immediately before they lead to stains. Following these simple tips will keep your new single sheepskin rug in top shape for many years.