Twenty fast facts about cowhide animal skins - part 1

The Patchwork Cowhide Rug or Carpet

1. Just a single cowhide skin can produce enough leather to manufacture at least twenty American footballs or eighteen soccer footballs or twelve basketballs.

2. Brazil and the United States are the biggest suppliers of cowhide skins by volume.

3. The best cowhide skins are reputed to come from South America and in particular Columbia.

4. Cowhides are tanned to fix the proteins within the cowhide skin and to prevent the cowhide from deteriorating.

5. The word tanning comes from Medieval Latin tannare meaning oak. The word refers to using oak bark (an original source of tannin) to preserve cowhides and other animal skins.

6. A notable use of cowhide in an animated feature is Woody the cartoon cowboy of Pixar’s Toy Story where he wears a black and white cowhide jacket.

7. You can buy a cowhide animal skin rug or carpet with guilt free conscience as cowhide is a natural by-product of the meat processing business.

8. Chromium tanning is the best way to economically tan cowhides to ensure they are long lasting and durable

9. Rawhide the 1960s TV series with Clint Eastwood – rawhide refers to untanned cowhide and it is often used to make items such as whips, drumheads or lampshades.

10. Some words that rhyme with cowhide are glide, outride, outside, pan-fried and just for good luck and why not pride!

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