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Four Ways to Use a Berber Rug

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Rugs have been popular design elements for years, and the Berber rug is one of the most popular varieties. The unique traits of the Moroccan Berber rug make it suitable for a wide variety of roles that other rugs cannot fill, but they can still be used in the conventional way if desired. Their distinctive appearance also helps to make them stand out from other furniture, so they can play both a practical and an aesthetic role in a home.

Staying Insulated

Any rug can provide a layer of insulation to help keep feet off of a cold floor, but a Berber rug is much more effective than most. Their superior powers of insulation comes from their construction. The rugs are made from wool, which is better at retaining heat than most artificial fibers. They also tend to be extremely thick, which makes them even better at retaining heat.

It's best to use them for this purpose in rooms with stone or tile floors, since they tend to get colder than other materials. They are a particularly good choice for parts of the house that get heavy traffic, since their durability will allow them to hold up to heavy use over time.

Providing Contrast

A Moroccan Berber rug is a great choice for providing some visual contrast in a room. Most modern furniture is fairly sleek, and usually relies on artificial materials. Berber rugs have a more rustic appearance, but their simple designs mean that they tend to blend into the room rather than heavily clashing with the other furniture. That makes them one of the best options for breaking up a minimalist aesthetic, or fore making a relatively bare room look a little bit cozier.

Padding Floors

Most flooring materials are fairly hard, and not terribly comfortable to stand or sit upon for a long period. Berber rugs are thick enough to serve as padding, and comfortable enough that they can stand in as a replacement for chairs. Many people use them as a substitute for traditional seating in rooms that are too small to hold a chair without getting cramped. They are also a decent choice for a child's playroom, since they're soft enough to be comfortable but tough enough to hold up to rough use from a child.

Keeping Clean

It can be a good idea to lay a Berber rug on a floor that is difficult to keep clean. Traditionally, the artisans that make the rugs clean them by shaking the rug. That won't get rid of stains, so it's usually best to use this technique in a room where they get exposed to dry messes rather than wet ones, but it's far more convenient than cleaning most other surfaces in a home.

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