Cowhide Rug FEB23-124 (210cm x 190cm)

Cowhide Rug FEB23-124 (210cm x 190cm)
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  • The cowhide shown in the image is the one you will receive.
  • 7-Day DPD delivery.
  • Fast no-fuss 14-day return policy.
  • This cowhide measures 210cm x 190cm.
  • Delivered to you in recycled cardboard packaging.
  • To order by phone or book an appointment Tel: 0207-099-6616.
  • Low maintenance and resilient to most stains.
  • Over 50,000 satisfied customers.

If you're seeking a unique and contemporary addition to your home décor, look no further than our stunning cowhide rug. Crafted from authentic cowhide, no two rugs are the same, resulting in a completely unique colour and pattern for every purchase. This large dark brown and white rug is a versatile piece for any room in your home.

When it comes to layering décor, nothing quite compares to the timeless look of cowhide. Whether you have hardwood flooring or carpeting, our rug will add a luxurious touch to your space. Plus, it requires minimal maintenance and has been built to last for years, even in high traffic areas.

Each rug is hand-picked from tanneries in Brazil or Columbia, ensuring that only the highest quality hides are used. The hair is exceptionally soft and supple, resulting in a plush rug that's both comfortable and stylish. And, to guarantee customer satisfaction, we photograph each rug individually, so you know exactly what you're receiving when you place your order.

Taking Care of your Rug

Cleaning your rug is a breeze; simply use a damp cloth and a gentle detergent to wipe up spills, making sure to follow the direction of the hair to keep the rug looking fresh. However, we do caution against wine spills, as red wine or other similar liquids can leave stains on the suede.

Invest in our cowhide rug and see how it transforms your room's look and feel. The textured, classy touch that it brings to your home décor is unmatched.

How we measure our cowhides