Cowhide Rug MAR24-018 (240cm x 190cm)

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Cowhide Rug MAR24-018 (240cm x 190cm)
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  • This cowhide measures 240cm x 190cm.
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Genuine Cowhide Rug: An Exclusive Touch Of Elegance

Step into luxury with this stunning one-of-a-kind dapple grey cowhide rug, the perfect fusion of natural elegance and durability designed to elevate your home.  This striking rug measures 240cm x 190cm. Experience the individuality and sophistication that only nature can provide. Whether you’re an interior designer seeking to curate a signature look, or a homeowner looking to infuse a sense of warmth, this cowhide rug offers an unmatched aesthetic appeal to your home.

Natural Beauty, Naturally You

Each cow hide boasts its unique patterns, colour variations, and texture, ensuring that your selection is exclusively yours. This isn't just any rug; it's a statement—a declaration of your penchant for authenticity and a celebration of natural artistry!

Hypoallergenic Comfort

The natural hypoallergenic properties of this cowhide rug provides a safe haven free from allergens. A fail-safe choice for those who cherish a serene and allergen-free environment, offering peace of mind for families and individuals alike.

Enduring Charm

Experience the soft and silky texture of comfort underfoot with superior durability that stands the test of time. Specially treated to prevent shedding or curling, our cowhide rugs defy the bustling activities of high-traffic areas, making them an investment that continually returns value, comfort, and style.

Cowhide Clean-Up Is A Breeze

This genuine cowhide is not only durable but also easy to clean. To keep it looking its best, quickly address spills by using a damp cloth and gently rubbing in the direction of the hair. And if you happen to spill something such as red wine, act fast and use a mild detergent to prevent any damage to the suede. Just remember: swift action, a gentle touch, and the right products will preserve its natural beauty and durability for years to come.

A Warm Embrace

There's nothing quite like the lush texture of cowhide against your skin—an unfaltering promise of cosiness and intimate luxury in the comfort of your own home. Let every step be a reminder of the finer things in life, a tactile indulgence that's both grounding and uplifting.

Embrace the allure of this genuine cowhide rug - order online today or call 0207-099-6616 to place your order.

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