Moroccan Berber Rug BER055-L-22 (300cm x 210cm)

Moroccan Berber Rug BER055-L-22 (300cm x 210cm)
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  • Handwoven with natural organic wool
  • Measurements include tassels
  • Delivered in recycled packaging
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This stunning Beni Ourain rug measures 300cm x 210cm, and has been meticulously handmade by Faiza, a Moroccan Berber tribes woman. The same methods have been implemented by these talented designers for thousands of years and the weaving techniques have been passed down through the generations from one artistic weaver to another.

Naturally Sourced  

This authentic Berber textile is directly sourced from the Atlas Mountains in Northern Africa. Its geometric designs are both artistic and intriguing, and the organic material from which it is made ensures a unique creation that is impossible to duplicate. Not just random designs, but the motifs woven by indigenous tribe members symbolize a broad range of things, such as meditation rituals, prayers, family history, and fertility and sexuality. Others are symbols believed to ward off evil and bring good luck. All are woven with great care from handspun wool ensuring you get a beautiful Beni Ourain rug that is sure to stand the test of time.

Suitable for all Interiors

The neutral shades used to weave Berber rugs are natural tones that effortlessly blend with essentially any interior design scheme. We make numerous trips to Morocco throughout the year, and each rug is chosen by hand to ensure the best possible quality. Because these rugs are sourced from members of various Berber tribes, a mutually beneficial, as well as ethical, business relationship has been built.

Berber Rug Care

Some customers are taken by surprise with the fact that caring for these light-coloured rugs is far easier than they first suspected. This is partly because of a substance called lanolin. Lanolin is found in sheep’s wool and acts as a natural barrier to stains. Simply use a damp cloth and wipe in the weave’s natural direction to prevent stains from setting in. For full deep cleaning, however, we recommend you consult a rug cleaning professional.