Moroccan Berber Rug BER440-L-21 (290cm x 200cm)

Moroccan Berber Rug BER440-L-21 (290cm x 200cm)
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Our authentic Moroccan Berber rugs have become one of our most popular items. In comparable characteristics, such as their unique designs and their luxurious feel make them an item that is in high demand. This genuine Moroccan Berber rug was made by Manal and measures 290cm x 200cm. Beni Ourain rugs are named after the Moroccan Berber tribes to which the weavers belong who design and create them. They are crafted by women who live in the Atlas Mountains, and each weaver uses her own techniques that were handed down from previous generations. These specialized techniques, as well as the creativity of the individual weaver create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind rug that can be used in a variety of ways.

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This high-end Moroccan Berber rug has a pile that was naturally created through the traditional processes used with this type of craft. The natural sheep wool used to create the rug are processed in a very distinct fashion that ultimately results in a unique appearance. The weaving and dying techniques are also native to Moroccan Berber tribes. The weaver usually begins with washing the rug in cool water, fresh from the Atlas Springs, and then uses natural sunlight to dry the materials. This specific washing and drying method gives Beni Ourain rugs their distinct ivory colour, which is one of the characteristics that has made them popular over time. Although the design on this rug is abstract, it is also subtle enough to complement any interior decor, and the neutral ivory shade seen here ensures that it will blend well with the colour scheme of any interior.

Other sellers purchase mass-produced rugs that look attractive at first glance, but are not made by native Moroccan tribes-women. We travel to Morocco on a regular basis to build mutually beneficial relationships with those who supply our rugs. This ensures that we acquire only the best Beni Ourain rugs available. We always offer a fair price for each original textile we purchase, and therefore the weavers are compensated for their dedicated work and artistic talent. Because we place large orders, we can sell genuine Berber rugs to our customers at a cost-effective price, thus passing along the same savings we enjoy.

Berber rugs are not difficult to maintain, but they are known for their longevity. This is because the natural lanolin in the wool with which they are created makes the rug mostly stain resistant without the need to perform any special maintenance. Any Moroccan Beni Ourain rug you invest in is sure to remain soft and vibrant for many years. They are completely organic, as the weaving process is 100% chemical free.