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How Berber Rugs Make Their Way to the City Cows Showroom

Posted by The City Cows Team on 6th Nov 2018

Beni Ourain rugs are lovely, handwoven textiles created by local weavers in the Atlas Mountains. They have an interesting history dating back thousands of years to the Paleolithic era. Although initially created for reasons that were purely practical, they are now a highly sought after item because of the unique decorative appeal they offer to consumers from around the world. The products in the City Cows line are guaranteed to satisfy any customer, as the company painstakingly selects each and every Moroccan Berber rug by hand. This process is completely opposite to the way big companies such as Wayfair and Argos obtain their merchandise. The latter simply mass order carpets and rugs from manufacturers who churn out cheap imitations at a rapid pace. These fakes are then passed off to unsuspecting customers who think they are purchasing quality products.

A Fascinating Journey

Each Beni Ourain rug offered by City Cows was fetched by hand from the Moroccan mountains. The owner of City Cows makes several trips throughout the year to the villages where these beautiful and unique handcrafted rugs are created by local tribes women. Residents of these villages are there to help City Cows select the best quality rugs with the most beautiful designs to bring back to the London showroom and make available to customers. The rugs are examined and discussed, and eventually the final selections are piled high and carefully placed on the truck to begin their journey to the UK.

Helping Weavers Maintain Their Quality of Life

City Cows pays above market cost for every rug purchased from Moroccan tribes women. This allows the company to enjoy their profits from a high sales volume, rather than an excessive markup. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved: the Berber rug you obtain from City Cows offers you outstanding value for your money, allows the business to thrive, and gives the weavers in many Moroccan villages a consistent source of income. No mass-produced rug merchant in the world can boast this impressive business model.

Benefits of Authentic Berber Rugs

Beni Ourain Rug

There are no advantages associated with purchasing cheap knockoffs of the authentic Beni Ourain rug from unscrupulous companies, such as those mentioned above. For instance, unless the objective is to add more garbage to a local landfill, you should opt for the natural wool fibre of genuine Berber rugs rather than the substances used to create cheap imitations. Additionally, because such companies are solely concerned with profit as opposed to offering a genuine product, their manufacturing techniques have negative repercussions on the environment as well. For example, the process used to mass-produce a high volume of fakes significantly pollutes the air on a regular basis. City Cows acquires rugs made from human weavers instead of machines, and the process used to create them leaves only a tiny carbon footprint on the world.

Unlimited Choices and Exceptional Longevity

City Cows offers the most expansive selection of authentic, handmade Moroccan Beni Ourain rugs in all of Europe, and more than 200 different Beni Ourain rugs are found in the London-based showroom. Natural, organic wool coated with lanolin is used in the weaving process, and this oil seals all the fibres. This, in turn, prevents staining and guarantees outstanding longevity.

Whether you are searching for a few small Beni Ourain rugs for various rooms in your home or a large Berber rug to be the focal point of your living room or bedroom, the perfect Moroccan rug is available to meet your needs. City Cows is a no-fluff home interiors merchant devoted to providing you with high-end products at affordable prices that you can use to design the home of your dreams.