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Cowhide Rugs Are Attractive

Posted by The City Cows Team on 15th Oct 2017

It can be a challenge to find anything that stands out on this planet. So many things have been done before. Rare things are truly hard to come across. That's the reason shopping for a distinctive … read more

How to Care for Your Cowhide Rug

Posted by The City Cows Team on 6th Oct 2017

One of the questions we're often asked at City Cows is 'do I need to do anything special to clean and care for my cowhide rug?' I thought I'd share some of the tips and tricks I've picked up over t … read more

How To Decide What Type Of Rug To Buy

Posted by The City Cows Team on 30th Aug 2017

Decorating a home can feel intimidating. Many people aren't entirely sure where to start. Looking at the space as an organic whole can be very helpful. Each area of the home should be planned out … read more

Transform Your Space With Your Cowhide Rug

Posted by The City Cows Team on 27th Aug 2017

A cowhide rug can be a wonderful way to amp up an otherwise plain and boring space. Coming in a variety of colours and patterns, these genuine cowhides provide a comfortable lived-in look that can … read more

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