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Add a Glamorous Toscana Gilet to Your Wardrobe This Season

Add a Glamorous Toscana Gilet to Your Wardrobe This Season

Posted by The City Cows Team on 13th Jul 2020

A shearling gilet is that quintessential, one-piece clothing item that never goes out of style. On runways around the world, toscana gilets are being featured as a must-have accessory, as they can be paired with so many different outfits to create a truly unique look. Items made from genuine shearling are particularly appealing, as they add a luxurious touch to essentially any outfit.


A great piece to easily transition from pleasant weather to wintry temperatures, a toscana gilet is one of the most versatile accessories you can acquire. Fortunately, making the outfit of your dreams into a reality is easier than ever, with the City Cows Toscana Gilet line. We offer an excellent range of colours, lengths, and sizes, with something to please everyone.

A Touch of Glamour

Toscana gilets perfectly complement any outfit with which they are paired, and you will be pleased to discover that they are appropriate for virtually any season. A truly glamorous item, they are guaranteed to keep heads turning no matter where you go. Nothing looks or feels as elegant as genuine Toscana Shearling and therefore investing in one or more creates a way for you to have luxury at your fingertips whenever you choose.

A Unique Appearance

The gilets we offer are unique and original, as they are made from authentic sheepskin and genuine fur. The latter offer various patterns and colours, meaning that wherever you go, you will stand out in the crowd and never have to worry about someone showing up at a party or event with a gilet that is identical to yours. 

Advantages of Authentic Fur

There are numerous benefits associated with investing in genuine fur gilets as opposed to those manufactured from synthetic materials. Man-made gilets quickly lose their beautiful appearance and rapidly wear out, unlike the authentic sheepskin used to make our Toscana gilets. Real animal skin products offer exceptional longevity and retain their lustrous, beautiful surface for many years.

An Easy Match for Your Outfits

An added benefit of acquiring a fashionable shearling gilet is the fact that such pieces can be obtained in a variety of colours. Choose a navy or black gilet over a dress for a fashionable night out on the town, or select a stone, gray or tan gilet to pair with a classic turtleneck and slim fitting jeans. With various colours and lengths from which to choose, you're guaranteed to find the ideal gilets for all your favourite outfits.

Many of our gilets are reversible as well, which many customers find advantageous. Reversible gilets are very practical when you are transitioning from work apparel to evening wear or any time you want to change your look in an instant.

If you are shopping for the perfect accessory to breathe life into a dull wardrobe, genuine animal skin gilets are an excellent choice. Sumptuous and glamorous, yet still exceptionally comfortable, few fashion items can compete with the Toscana gilet.