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​Animal Skin Rugs – A Timeless Way to Add Natural Luxury to Your Home

Posted by The City Cows Team on 4th Dec 2018

Interior design trends come and go – some leave a longer lasting influence than others. Animal skin hides and rugs, however, are classic timeless pieces and can be symbolic of the warmth and safety we envision our home of providing. Since earlier times, animal skins have provided a natural source of comfort, warmth, luxury, and safety. To this day, they remain well loved by consumers all around the world for almost the same identical reasons as by our ancestors in the past. What is it about animal skins that trigger such intense feelings of awe and reverence? And if you’re thinking of making an investment in authentic animal skin home furnishings, which animal skin should you choose? 

Cowhide Rug – Investment That Will Last

At City Cows, each cowhide rug is individually hand selected for the very best quality. Each hide is chromium tanned so it will last for years. Whether used as a floor rug or a throw on a leather couch, cowhide rugs can add a warm natural beauty and luxury to any room in the house. Since each breed has its own unique look, each cowhide rug will have its own color, pattern, and feel. No cowhide is ever the same. You can rest assure that the cowhide you picked with be an original. Furthermore, cowhide rugs are durable and very easy to clean and will last a lifetime if properly cared for. They will not shred easily; so regular cleaning by vacuuming or shaking will prevent any potential build up of dust. Periodic brushing will loosen any dirt and keep the cowhide’s hair soft. Your investment will last a very long time.

Reindeer Hide – Take Your Décor to the Next Level

More unique than cowhides, reindeer decor are statement pieces that are meant to be conversation starters. Stylish and versatile, reindeer hides come in many unique patterns and can help to bring a natural rustic look in your room. Unlike cowhides, they are silicone treated to become water resistant so that they can be used both indoors and out. Although elegant and luxurious, the hide from the reindeer is much softer and less durable than cowhide. Sensitive to heat, they should be kept away from underfloor heating, fireplaces, and radiators to prevent the hide hair from drying out. To maintain, simply spray the hide using a fine mist water bottle. With proper maintenance, reindeer hide can last just as long as the more durable cowhide.

Sheepskin Rugs – The Ultimate Comfort

When it comes to the ultimate comfort, few animal skins can match the plush luxurious feel of sheepskin. Authentic sheepskin can immediately add softness, colour, and warmth to any cold hardwood floor. Popular places to place rugs from sheepskin are at the foot of the bed and at the center of a family seating area. Sheepskin are so commercially popular that fake sheepskins are everywhere, but at City Cows our sheepskins are guaranteed to be authentic and of the highest quality. Although sheepskin rugs should be professionally dry cleaned, regular gentle vacuuming with a small vacuum hose and brushing can maintain the quality of the sheepskin for many years.

City Cows have UK’s largest selections of animal skin rugs, hides, and other home furnishings. Purchasing from us is as simple as browsing our collection online or you can visit our Fulham showroom to see our lovely selection in person. We would be happy to answer any of your questions. All of our animal skins are individually hand selected and of the highest quality. With proper care, your investment will provide warmth, texture, and personality to your home for many years.

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