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Animal Skin Rugs - Add Luxury to Any Room


Cow Hide RugsFor anyone looking to add a sense of luxury and natural style to their living space, an animal hide rug is a great solution. Perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, and quite literally any other room in your home, animal skin hide is versatile and can be used on a variety of surfaces, making it ideal for rugs and furniture throws. In particular, cowhide, reindeer hides, and sheepskin can all help to provide a unique touch of style in a number of ways.

Used in people’s homes for hundreds of years, cowhides are one of the most naturally beautiful and versatile decorative items you can buy. Durable and stylish, cowhide comes in a variety of colors and unique prints, which simply cannot be reproduced using synthetic methods. The natural browns, beiges, and blacks commonly seen in cowhide also compliment many of the colors that are currently popular in interior design. Hard-wearing, hypo-allergenic, and simply beautiful – cowhide is perfect for rugs, furniture throws or wall-coverings and is a great investment for any home.

You can also provide a warm, natural feel to your home by using reindeer hides. The big advantage with reindeer hides is that their softness and suppleness allows them to be used as a bed covering or throw during those cold winter nights. As the reindeer hides also undergo a treatment process which allows them to become waterproof, they are perfect for use in spaces such as porches and garden rooms, providing you with a luxurious feel both indoors and outdoors. As with cowhide, reindeer hides are also perfect for wall coverings due to the beautiful natural prints that they display and their soft, deep pile means that they are perfect for use as rugs, too.

Another beautiful, durable addition to any home is sheepskin. Also perfect for rugs and wall-coverings, it can provide a wonderful, warm, and textured feel to your home. Easy to care for and naturally resistant to water, dirt, and germs - sheepskin actually requires very little care. Simply brush it clean, or put it straight into the washing machine and air dry – you don’t even need to vacuum it! An added bonus with sheepskin is that it requires no dyes or fire retardants, which makes it ideal for people who may be allergic to these chemicals. Sheepskin is also naturally non-slip, as it has a hide backing. This means that you will not need to purchase any rubber pads or other accessories to stop your sheepskin rug from slipping.

Most people would agree that a home should be somewhere that is warm and inviting – a living space that is relaxing, but also speaks about your own personality and lifestyle. Perhaps you are looking to transform your home with a luxurious feel and a sense of natural warmth, while maintaining a look that is creative and sets you apart from the crowd. Animal skin rugs can provide you with the perfect way of doing this.

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