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Berber Rugs Add a Dash of Unique Style to Any Space

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Berber rugs, a type of handcrafted Moroccan tribal rug, have been created by Berber tribes for centuries. Originally, they were created for utilitarian purposes like extra warmth to ward off the chill of the mountains. They were also sometimes used as saddle blankets and burial shrouds. Native Moroccan Berber people handcrafted these uniquely designed rugs from the wool of white and black sheep of the Atlas Mountains.

Notable Qualities of Authentic Berber Rugs

One notable feature of the Berber rug is the background color, which ranges from white to ivory. Black and brown designs woven into them make them incredibly versatile to use with any other color. They blend in seamlessly with any decor style, which has increased their popularity. Other notable qualities include:

  • The Stories - Every rug tells a personal story from the life of the person who wove the rug, making each one different
  • Limited Sizes - Berber people were semi-nomadic, meaning that the equipment used to craft these unique handmade rugs had to be portable. Rugs are small, with most under 7 feet long
  • Completion Time - Creating a genuine Moroccan Tribal rug is never a rushed process. Authentic rugs normally take up to a year to finish, due to their detailing and the unique stories told within their patterns
  • Mysterious Symbolism - Rugs feature specific symbols that express concepts like fertility and birth, spiritual beliefs, warding off evil and protecting the home
  • Minimalist Design - Designs express as much as possible with as few symbols as possible, creating interest without being overwhelming to the eye

Designs used can often be traced back to things like rock paintings and art that was once featured in caves. Specific weaving traditions are passed down through the generations, and every Beni Ourain rug or Berber rug is like a time capsule from the past.

Uses of Authentic Tribal Rugs

While tribal rugs were most often used for domestic purposes as accent rugs and sometimes for bedding, they were sometimes found in palaces and in religious gathering places. Small rugs were occasionally used as prayer rugs. They were once staples in homes of wealthy people. Frank Lloyd Wright was known for his travels to Morocco to bring back these unique rugs for himself and for his clients.

Today, a beautifully designed Beni Ourain rug or Berber rug can be found in prestigious homes all over the world. In homes featuring more somber, traditionally styled furniture with dark shades and formal lines, a Berber rug adds warmth and creative design style.

Benefits of Berber Rugs

The best benefits of hand-woven rugs made from pure wool include:

  • Durability - Wool is incredibly durable and can withstand high traffic areas
  • Resilience - Wool bounces back even when compressed, making it ideal for well-used rooms
  • Natural Colors - Variations in color occur naturally. With no dyes for color, rugs are safe for anyone who is sensitive to artificial dyes, scents and colors
  • Resist Flames - Natural wool is a flame retardant material, increasing safety
  • Environmentally Friendly - Natural wool rugs are environmentally friendly due to their odor and contaminant absorbing properties

A natural Moroccan Tribal rug can add character, charm and true style to any home it's featured in. The popularity of naturally woven wool rugs is expected to remain for years to come, making them an exceptional choice.

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