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Berber Rugs- An authentic and traditional piece

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Historically Berber rugs have been used as floor covering as they provide an important function, whilst adding a decorative touch to any room; its Berber name deriving from the Berber people from North Africa, don’t hesitate to invest in a timeless piece of Moroccan culture.

Distinct in appearance and made of only the highest quality materials, our Berber rugs are unmistakable due to their hand stitched patterns; and they remain true to their ancestral artisans who took great pride in creating a product that could be passed down from one generation to the next.

The authenticity of a Berber Rug really is unquestionable, constructed using the wool from the sheep of the Atlas Mountain in Morocco. With a variety of simple yet sophisticated patterns hand stitched into every rug, and available in Small, Medium and Large; Berber rugs truly blend contemporary, classic and traditional styles.

Order now for efficient and prompt delivery, or why not contact our friendly office team on 020 3805 8836 to arrange an appointment to view our beautiful Berber rugs.

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