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Bring On The Bling With A Metallic Cowhide Rug

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The trend of adding sparkle and shine to home decor continues to increase in popularity. You can add the perfect amount of bling that matches your personality and your decorating style. Decorating trends change, but some room accessories are timeless. Metallic cowhide rugs fit into the category of timeless, versatile, decorative and functional accessories.

Decorating trends should serve as a guideline for creating a room decor that you find comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Metallic cowhide rugs can fit into any type of décor. They provide an ideal amount of shimmer to a sophisticated modern decor. They have the ability to complement decors ranging from rustic to contemporary. The key to successfully incorporating these rugs into your chosen décor is its placement and the furniture style and accessory choices that you place near it.

Cowhide rugs in a metallic style can be used to make a room or specific area look more spacious. Adding impressive lighting and choosing accessories with reflective surfaces will increase the visual expansiveness. If your decorating goal is to create a cozy retreat-like area, these rugs will provide the ideal amount of sparkle you need to add sophistication and beauty to your retreat without being overly flashy.

Cowskin rugs are exceptionally durable. They are also hypo-allergenic. Living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms and a child’s bedroom are areas that typically receive a lot of use. When you have a metallic cowhide in a room, you have a hypo-allergenic product that does not attract dust and dirt. All the cleaning it requires is a brisk shaking out, as often as you feel necessary. These rugs are a stress-free accessory in rooms where spills are likely to occur. Spills do not sink into a cowhide rug as they do many other types of material. It’s seldom necessary, but you can spot clean a stain with mild detergent.

If you want your vibrant personality to be displayed in your home décor, metallic cowskin rugs can energize any room. Add flashy accessories and bold lighting to accompany the rugs to create drama and excitement.

Once you fall in love with a decorative accessory, especially one that is durable and versatile, you’ll want it to remain a consistent part of your home décor. Metallic cowhide rugs can be used in various areas of a room or moved from room to room as you change your home décor. They can be used as wall art, draped across a chair, chaise or sofa, used as a decorative covering on a bed or hung on a stair railing. They’re a décor option that you won’t have to part with even as trends and lifestyle changes occur. We stock a variety of different types of metallic cowhide rugs, and they are currently available in silver, gold and black.

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