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Cowhide Rugs - The Rug Of Today

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Every room needs a bold focal point. Without the visual beauty that a focal point provides, a room will disappear into a dull and lifeless trap. Once a focal point has been placed, however, everything around it will become beautiful.

Cowhide and animal skin rugs are some of the most popular choices for interior design. There is no better choice for a bold statement than the beautiful designs available within genuine cowhide. Not only can an individual obtain a perfect dramatic look in their home, they can also obtain the same look in their house that many celebrities are now choosing. Actress, Jennifer Aniston's West Village apartment contains several different styles of cowhide rugs amidst couture-style interior. Cow skin rugs were also featured in Elle Decor Magazine as the contributing factors to rooms transformed.

Once a cowhide rug has been placed, everything must coincide around it, but not every room has to look the same. The possibilities are endless when it comes to cowhide colors and designs. A cowhide rug can be the color bursting from the room, surrounded by gentle tones, or it can be the gentle tone, complementing bursts of color throughout the rest of the room. The amount of design and color options makes any room design a reality.

Animal skin rugs come in many forms. For instance, an individual may go for the classy look of an ivory cowhide or the traditional golden brown, or an individual who is looking for a bolder look may choose the printed zebra stripes or the traditional black and white spots. The cow skin may also be dyed to different colors to create a brighter statement. Cowhide can even be dyed metallic for a bright shine that no one will be able to ignore. Cow skin rugs can fit amongst any style whether it be classy, sophisticated, dramatic, couture, western, vintage or rustic. Even during the holidays, a deerskin rug is the perfect addition to the Christmas cabin in the woods to create a warm, rustic interior.

Cowhide rugs are the rugs of today. They are appreciated and respected among some of the highest interior designers in the industry. It is proof that cow skin is admired by all when some of the best houses in the country hold floors adorned with various cowhide designs. Not only are these rugs extremely beautiful, but they are also easy to take care of and last for years. Even the roughest, toughest boots will not be able to damage the genuine animal hide that is used to make these extraordinary works of art.

Just like a painting in a museum, these rugs are masterpieces that can turn, not the walls of a home, but the floors, into a admired work of art. Once a rug has been placed, it will not be forgotten.

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