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Decorate any Space with Genuine Cowhide Cushions

Decorate any Space with Genuine Cowhide Cushions

Posted by The City Cows Team on 28th Jul 2020

Cowhide CushionsFrequently, it is simple accessories that add an extra special touch to your home. Cowhide cushions are one of the easiest items to decorate with, as they are both practical and attractive. Few accessories have the same stunning impact as these one-of-a-kind cushions. They are not only easy to use, but they add significant style to a home. Any cowhide element can transform a room. However, if you are adding genuine cow skin to your home for the first time, or you are looking to make a simple change that does not overwhelm the room, cowhide cushions are the perfect choice. Below are some time-tested ways to use these great accent pieces in multiple areas of your home, where they can serve both functional and decorative purposes:

Add Texture to the Room

One basic trick used by many interior designers when they want to add texture to a room is to layer cushions of various patterns, colours and sizes. There is no better choice for this option than cowhide cushions, as they offer rich textures and designs and the colours vary greatly from one to the next. This is because no two cows are exactly alike, and therefore no two cow skin cushions are either. Whether your style is traditional, modern, abstract, or any other theme, cowhide cushions in their various patterns and colours can be used to add depth to the room. Invest in several in both small and large sizes, and let your imagination do the rest.

Create a Comfortable Space for Guests When You Need Extra Seating

Another great idea for decorating with cowhide cushions is designing little seating areas on the floor of a family room, living room or office. This is also a terrific option for children’s rooms as well. If there is minimum space in your home, use soft and comfortable cowhide cushions to make impromptu seats whenever and wherever you need. Because they are easily moved from one room to the next any time you choose, cowhide cushions are one of the easiest and most stylish solutions to any seating problem in your home.

Don’t Forget Nontraditional Uses

You should also keep in mind that cowhide cushions are not merely for sofas and beds. Because of their unusual and interesting texture and patterns, they also look great on top of ottomans, reading chairs, hallway benches, and window seats. Never limit yourself, as there is truly no bad place for a cowhide cushion!

Additional Tips

When arranging your cowhide cushions along sofas and chairs, make sure to arrange them symmetrically rather than bundling them up one in front of another. Instead, arrange them in such a way that each beautiful, unique pattern can be displayed in its own space. You should also remember that pillows and similar accent pieces are interchangeable, making it easy to change the feel and look of any room in your home as desired. Invest in several and watch how they add beauty, warmth and texture to any room in which they are placed.