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Enjoy the Season in Style with New Faux Rattan Lawn Furniture

Enjoy the Season in Style with New Faux Rattan Lawn Furniture

Posted by The Team on 29th Jun 2021

If you enjoy being outdoors, but want to experience comfort without sacrificing aesthetic appeal, our range of Faux Rattan Furniture is an ideal choice. Such furniture offers both practical benefits and an attractive appearance. It also adds an outstanding decorative touch to any area of your property. Whether you have a patio, porch, or an extensive yard to enjoy, why not decorate it in style? These handy, fold up chairs are designed with deep seats that offer significant comfort whilst you are reclining, yet they are lightweight enough to move from one area of your property to another with no trouble. Perfect for a party or personal use, these pieces are durable as well as beautiful.

Table Included

A functional and attractive glass top table also comes with this set, which makes it perfect for enjoying cocktails, snacks or placing a book or other reading material whilst you chat to a guest or family member. The table is W50cm x H41cm and each chair is W74cm x H80cm x D83cm. This makes them perfect for use on a balcony, porch, or any area of your property you like to relax in on a regular basis.

Try a Lawn Chair for Two

If you are looking for a lawn chair for two, consider a trendy and attractive two-seat lounger. These can be used year-round also, and are a great addition to the Faux Rattan table and chair set. You may even want to snuggle up under a genuine cowskin with that special someone on this loveseat-style outdoor piece. This chair is also easily stored and folds flat, so that you can move it from one area of your property to another with no difficulty.

Choosing a Colour

Regardless of which area of your property you are decorating, you will be pleased to know that you have several different shades from which to choose when selecting your lawn furniture. An extremely popular and failsafe colour is stone. This is the shade in which the lawn chair for two is available, and if you are planning to make an entire set that includes the two-seater, this colour is ideal. Stone is also a perfect choice if you want a shade that is neutral in every respect. For example, if you have a specific colour scheme in a certain area of your yard or garden, this universal shade can only complement it regardless of how the area is decorated.

If you have a sophisticated exterior design in mind, you may opt for a lovely set of Faux Rattan chairs in black. The most cosmopolitan shade available, black creates a chic, edgy look that is perfect for modern homes and properties. Pair your new set of chairs with light coloured cowhide cushions for an amazing, trendy effect.

These beautiful, foldable Rattan garden furniture sets are also available in copper. This shade is an impressive choice if you are going for an earthy effect or are planning to place the set in a garden. Although the copper shade lends itself well to essentially any decor, similar to the stone colour, it works particularly well for outdoor living areas with a garden or country theme.

If your favourite shades for outdoor furniture are those seen in nature, you will be highly pleased with a table and chair set in green as well. A favourite amongst many consumers, you can add these pieces to a garden, balcony, backyard or patio for a touch that says, “mother nature.”

Easy to Store and Maintain

Because all the Faux Rattan pieces can be folded into a flat position, they are exceptionally easy to store and move around. They are sturdy, simple to clean, and require no complicated maintenance. For this reason, they are an excellent addition to your outdoor decor. Invest in one or more sets and indulge in style and comfort any time you want to enjoy the great outdoors.