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Five Ways to Get Creative With Sheepskin Rugs

Five Ways to Get Creative With Sheepskin Rugs

Posted by The City Cows Team on 24th Nov 2020

If your home’s decor is in need of change, but you are searching for a timeless item that never goes out of style, sheepskin rugs are exactly what you need. Whether you’re planning to add style and flair to one room, or want a special touch in various areas of your home, you will be pleased to discover that there are sheepskin rugs for every purpose.

Once thought of as only appropriate for certain types of decor, it is now common knowledge that sheepskin can be used in a variety of ways with numerous interior designs. City Cows has gone a step further, and expanded the line of sheepskin rugs available to include a vast array of sizes. For instance, you can opt for a larger size sheepskin, such as a quad or a sexto to act as a focal point for a living room. You may also choose to invest in several single or double rugs of this kind to add special touches to smaller rooms in your home.

Similar to the broad range of sizes available with this line of rugs, there are also various shades from which to choose, making it easy to find one that blends well with your home’s existing colour scheme. If you prefer classic shades, you have your choice of gray, white, tan or black. You can also opt for a rug that features a dual pattern, such as a white or cream coloured sheepskin highlighted with streaks of tan or gray. If bolder shades suit your personal preferences, consider a lovely sheepskin in mustard, flamingo pink, rose, aqua or navy. Below are some creative ways to use your new sheepskin rugs:

Add Texture and Colour to a Room

  • Your bedroom or living room may need a dash of texture or colour to enhance or modernise its appearance. This is particularly true in areas of your home that are all-white or feature one predominant colour. This can sometimes result in a room appearing a bit drab, and you will be amazed at how quickly a coloured sheepskin rug can enhance the room’s overall appearance. An especially good choice in such an area is one of the aforementioned bold shades, such as flamingo pink or aqua.

Use as a Runner to Enhance a Narrow Hallway

  • If you have a narrow or slim hallway, you will be happily surprised at the optical illusion you can create merely by the addition of a single sheepskin rug. It can help to break up the space and can even make the hall or corridor appear wider.

Add a Cosy Touch to a Living Room

  • A sheepskin rug doesn’t always have to be the focal point of a living room. You can simply place one underneath the coffee table to make a large room feel a bit more intimate and add a cosier feel to the immediate area.

Use as a Bed Underlay for Instant Warmth

  • Authentic sheepskin rugs offer unrivaled warmth. If your bedroom is chilly, invest in a quad or sexto sheepskin and place it under the sheets when you make your bed. This will create the warmest bed you’ve ever slept in, and this idea is also perfect for children’s beds.

Cover an Uncomfortable Chair

  • If you have chairs with hard edges in a bedroom or living room, but they go with the room’s decor or they have sentimental value, consider a single sheepskin rug as a throw to immediately transform it into a seat that is more comfortable.

You can use some or all of the aforementioned ideas or come up with your own, but rest assured, nothing will add luxury and style to your home quicker than one or more genuine sheepskins from City Cows.