Genuine Cowhide Chairs Make Re-Inventing Your Interiors Easy

Genuine Cowhide Chairs Make Re-Inventing Your Interiors Easy

Posted by The City Cows Team on 28th Jan 2021

All aspects are important when you’re decorating your home, from floor coverings and window treatments, to accent pieces and the overall colour scheme of each room. However, regardless of how beautifully you decorate your home, dull or drab furniture can instantly draw the eye away from all the attractive features of your interior decor. Fortunately, there is a quick and easy way to boost the visual appeal of your living room and dining room and instantly give it that wow factor: invest in our top-quality, genuine cowhide chairs.

A Broad Range of Choices for Exceptional Versatility

Our Hurlingham club chairs are made from real cowhide and add a dazzling touch to any room in which they are placed. These armchairs are not only luxurious, comfortable and hard wearing, they are decorative and aesthetically pleasing. Featuring the highest quality cowhides available, these chairs can be purchased in a broad range of patterns and designs. No two cows are alike, and therefore no two skins are exactly the same. This means that each armchair you invest in is a one-of-a-kind object that you will never see in another person’s home. It is this uniqueness that keeps customers coming back for more.

Choose from black and white, brown and white, tricoloured designs or brindle patterns. You even have the option of an armchair with a leather seat and interior, and genuine cow skin on the outside. Regardless of the style or colour you choose, your new chair is guaranteed to blend well with your home’s current interior design. Place several in your living room to instantly infuse style and sophistication or opt for an authentic cowskin armchair for a sitting room or bedroom. If you have a large hallway, a chair of this type is the perfect accent piece. No matter where you place them, genuine cowhide armchairs are a beautiful and stylish addition to your home.

Dining Room Redecorating Made Easy With Cowhide

Don’t forget cowhide dining chairs when your decor is in need of a facelift. So much focus is placed on living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms, that it is easy to overlook your dining room when you are redecorating. However, nothing can enhance the appearance of this much used room quicker than genuine cow skin dining chairs. Our extensive line of Kensington and Tolix chairs offers something for everyone, and the patterns and designs available are virtually limitless. Choose from classic black and white or brown and white patterns, or let your decorating imagination run wild and opt for a trendy multicoloured or speckled design. Whether you have a large or small dining room table, our chairs are the perfect size. You can opt for a set with similar patterns, or create a fun and stylish eclectic look with chairs featuring entirely different designs. The choices are limited only by your imagination. You should also consider investing in an extra chair to place an empty corner of your dining room, or some Tolix cowhide chairs for a kitchen or breakfast nook.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Regardless of your personal preferences, each chair you invest in is made from only the highest quality genuine cowhide. To keep your chairs looking brand-new, simply wipe spills away as soon as they occur and make sure to brush in the natural direction of the hair. No complicated maintenance is necessary, and you can expect your new chairs to keep their beautiful appearance for many years to come. Whether you are shopping for armchairs or chairs for your dining room table, your satisfaction is one-hundred percent guaranteed.