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Genuine Reindeer Hides Offer True Luxury

Posted by The City Cows Team on 26th Sep 2018

A reindeer hide is a cosy, all-natural, multi-purpose item that can be used in many beneficial ways inside or outside your home. Genuine reindeer hides are true luxury products, and therefore you should consider indulging in one or more of these rugs when the time has come to add something truly different and unusual to your home. Each reindeer hide we sell is a one-of-a-kind item. If you are planning to add a touch of flair to your home and garden this Autumn, reindeer hide rugs are the ideal place to begin.

Natural and Versatile

A reindeer hide is a lovely, decorative item that showcases the centuries old characteristics of the northern regions. These beautiful pelts create a homespun, warm ambiance anywhere they are placed. Not surprisingly, authentic animal skins are at the heart of many autumn-winter season designs this year, and reindeer hides have come to the forefront as one of the most popular items in this category. It is easy to see why this is the case, as reindeer hide rugs can be used to decorate indoor or outdoor walls and because each one is different, you can use this decorating technique in multiple areas. Such rugs can also be used as seat cushions, decorative coverings, and even as seat heaters for snowmobiles and similar equipment.

Many people who are partial to autumn and winter enjoy sitting outside with a hot drink and viewing the changing leaves or a snowy, wintry landscape. Reindeer hides make a great blanket to wrap around yourself or to snuggle under with a loved one and take in such a view from your porch or deck. They are also a terrific item to bring along if you are planning a self catering cabin vacation.

Luxury and Comfort

Reindeer hides are able to offer both comfort and luxury, as the dense, thick hair of the hide is hollow, making it incredibly soft to the touch. It is also this characteristic that makes such rugs look beautiful when draped over a chair or couch.

You will find that we have an outstanding collection of reindeer hides for your home, office, deck or garden, all with their own unique markings and colours. In most instances, reindeer hide rugs feature appealing blends of brown, beige, silver and white, all of which brilliantly complement traditional, modern, rustic or contemporary style interior designs. This means that regardless of the type of decor your property features, a reindeer hide rug is the perfect addition.

Maintenance Tips

Fortunately, reindeer hides are very easy to clean, as spills and stains wipe off instantly with a damp cloth, without the need for detergents or harsh rubbing. However, because of its hollow centre, reindeer hair is a bit more delicate than that of cowhides or sheepskin. Therefore, even if they look perfect near a fireplace or wood stove, such places are not the best spots in which to use a rug of this kind. This is because intense heat quickly dries out the hair, and compromises its beautiful look. It may also loosen the hair and cause the rug to shed. Instead, consider using your new reindeer hides in the decorative ways outlined above, and only use them as rugs in very low traffic areas where the air is cool. Using them properly will ensure that the hair will remain intact and not loosen as time goes on.

Reindeer hide rugs are likely to remain popular for many future years. Therefore, if you are looking for something interesting and unusual to use this autumn or winter in your home, garden or property, you should definitely consider investing in some genuine, unique reindeer hides. 

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