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Homes of Any Style and Location Can Enjoy the Beauty and Durability of Cowhide Rugs

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Cow Hide Rugs

It doesn't take a ranch-themed house to employ a cowhide rug; homes of any style and location can enjoy the beauty and durability of cowhide rugs. While often considered a sign of wealth and luxury by traditional ranchers, the cowhide is widely revered by interior designers and homeowners alike. Used in rug, blanket, and pillow form, the cowhide is a stylish way to add some natural texture to your space.

Constructed from the hides of longhorn cattle, cowhide rugs are the product of a breed that is prized for its wide variety of colours and coat patterns, many of which were bred solely for the use of their hides. Cowhides can be seen in a number of natural designs, such as black and cream, black and gold, blue and strawberry roan, chestnut piebald, and various spotted varieties. Solid colors such as black, yellow, white, gold, and red are also common. Each cowhide is undoubtedly unique, and destined to lend a personal eye-catching touch to any home.

One of the noteworthy appeals of a cowhide rug is its natural hypoallergenic quality. Those who suffer from airborne and fibrous allergies found in various furs and fabrics can bask in the complete absence of such symptoms with cowhide products. Contrary to common misconception, cowhide is not a fur but very fine hair found in longhorn cattle bred in warm weather climates. Because they do not grow furry or woolly coats their hair remains smooth and soft. Conversely, cowhide skin is tough and sturdy, and shedding is highly unlikely. What's more, patterns will retain their natural vibrancy no matter how much foot traffic and wear-and-tear is employed.

Cowhides have a smooth and almost silky texture that withstands even the hottest days, making them ideal warm-weather implements. The softly treated underside of a cowhide acts as a natural "anti-skid" feature, ensuring that they stay put on hardwood floors and slippery surfaces. A cowhide rug also makes for a stunning wall hanging, lending an exotic but unpretentious air to any home's interior.

The weight and draping aspect of cowhides make them superior blankets or sofa throws, especially when colder seasons hit. The hides expertly trap heat without collecting moisture, meaning you can snuggle under one without feeling overly sticky or smothered.

Cowhide rugs can be safely cleaned with a vacuum, provided that the hose attachment is used and directed along the natural hair pattern. You can also shake out a cowhide or wipe it down with a dry cloth for everyday touch-ups, as these will help maintain the hide's cleanliness and luster. It also helps to periodically turn cowhide floor rugs to resist uneven wearing.

While there are many ways to furnish and accent your home, cowhide is truly among the most one-of-a-kind materials in the world today. Attractive and versatile, cowhide is a heavy-duty way to give your home a bit of old western glamour while ensuring a long-lasting performance and minimal upkeep.

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