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How Designers Use Reindeer Hides

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Reindeer Hide Rug

Interior designers are always looking for the next great decoration technique, and many of them have found it by using a reindeer rug. They're a valuable tool for adding some rustic charm to a home, or a little bit of warmth and texture to a bare room. There are several different ways to use reindeer hides, and most homes can benefit from any of them.

Over Furniture

One of the most popular options is using reindeer hides as throws that go over furniture. That keeps them off the floor, which will make them more visible in the vast majority of rooms. The three dimensional shape also helps to draw the eye, so this is the best option for people who want to make sure that their reindeer hide gets seen.

This method works best when the reindeer skin is on top of wooden furniture. Both the hide and the wood are natural materials, so they work together to provide improved visual appeal. In many cases, it's reasonably to leave some of the wood exposed to make sure that people can see both materials.

That having been said, this method can also work with furniture made from artificial materials. In that case, the hide should be used to create visual contrast with the furniture. Small hides that only cover a small part of the furniture are ideal for this. Alternatively, using a large reindeer skin and leaving only a small part of the furniture exposed can shift the focus onto the hide while retaining some contrast. This works best with furniture in fairly neutral colours, since bright, unnatural colours will excessively clash with the hide.

On Floors

Most homes can also benefit from a reindeer rug on the floor. This will make the room look much warmer, so it is most effective when used in a room that seems cold or barren. At a practical level, they can also make the floor much more comfortable for people who are walking around without shoes, although excessive foot traffic will wear down the reindeer skin and cause damage. Similarly, it's best to keep them away from excessive dirt or grime, especially mud and other liquid contaminants, to make sure that the hide stays in good condition.

There are a few parts of the home that tend to be especially good places for reindeer rugs. Bedrooms are usually ideal, because most of them don't see much use during the day, but people often walk around them with bare feet in the morning or at night. They can also make a study seem more friendly to the people who use it, which can make work more pleasant.

Location inside the room also matters. Most people who pick a reindeer rug do it because they like the appearance, so they should be situated to maximize their visual appeal. Putting them across from the door can accomplish that, since people will lay eyes on them as they step into the room. Laying a rug out near a major piece of furniture can also be effective because the large furniture will naturally draw the eye to the area around it, which will feature the rug.

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