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Invest In a Cowhide Rug Today

Posted by The City Cows Team on 28th Aug 2019

A cowhide rug is simultaneously modern and vintage, classic and avant garde. These rugs have been around as long as humans have been cultivating cattle, but they are making an aesthetic comeback in contemporary design due to their versatility and their low-maintenance practicality. Not only do they add interest and warmth to even the most understated room, they are also soft, easy to clean, and long lasting. What more could anyone want? 

One of the main appeals of a cowhide rug is that just like every cow has a slightly different pattern, so do the rugs. Pure white, black, red, and brown are all common cow hide colors. Then there are multi-colored patterns, each unique to the animal they came from. Aside from the classic piebald speckled look many people associate with cows, there are also brindle rugstricolor rugs, hereford pattern rugs, and more. When made with real leather, are no two rugs exactly alike. This gives home decorators enormous flexibility, and the ability to make a cowhide rug either a focal point of a room, or a subtler complimentary design element.

Parents and pet owners will also be happy to hear that cow hide is exceptionally durable and easy to clean. Natural oils in the cow's skin provide some stain protection against spills. Those same oils help to make these rugs naturally hypoallergenic, as dust and other allergens are less likely to cling to or become trapped in them. Unless modified, there are also no artificial dyes that might irritate delicate skin or stain expensive flooring. Cleaning a cow hide rug is generally as easy as wiping it down with a moist cloth or shaking it free of any dust. This ease of maintenance also translates into durability, and a good rug can last for years without much effort.

In addition to being used as rugs, these attractive additions to home decor can be hung onto walls to provide visual interest, or used as furniture throws, adding further to their versatility. Depending on where they are placed and the pattern selected, they are equally at home in a cozy farmhouse in front of a fire, or softening an industrial chic loft in the middle of a big city.

Whether used as a floor rug or wall hanging, in the country or in the city, these elegant leather rugs are an investment worth making. They will bring low maintenance enjoyment to any home or office for years, and will generate more than their fair share of complements. Families with children or pets will adore their hypoallergenic properties, while house-proud singletons or couples will enjoy their classic look. Either way, this is one style choice everyone will be on board with.

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