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Is a Cowhide Rug a Good Choice for A Child's Bedroom?

Posted by The City Cows Team on 16th May 2018

When you are tasked with decorating your child’s bedroom, you understandably may be focused on creating a space that is stylish and appealing while also being unique and individualized. You may even want to bring some creative elements into the space that may not be found in many other child bedrooms. Many children are unfortunately hard on the items in their room, so you may have a strong desire to only invest in materials and items that will hold up well in the years to come. While cow hide is not a standard material that many people think about decorating a bedroom with, it may be the ideal material to introduce into your child’s bedroom due to its durable nature. 

Understanding the Benefits of Decorating with Cowhide

There are many wonderful benefits associated with bringing a cowhide rug into your room. Regardless of the room that want to decorate with cowhide, you will have numerous colors to choose from, and this includes both natural and dyed hues. You can also choose from various sizes thanks to the fact that some hides are sewn together. While this gives you incredible versatility that makes it easy to find a wonderful material that is right for your child’s room, keep in mind that this material also is very durable. It will hold up well to the intense use that may be common in many children’s rooms. While it is durable, it also has a soft texture that your children may love to spend time sitting on while playing.

Choosing to Use a Cowhide Rug in a Child’s Bedroom

Anytime you think about introducing a new material into your child’s room, you need to ensure that it is safe. One of the great things about cow hide is that it is generally hypo-allergenic so you will not have to worry about aggravating those allergies. Remember that you have several options for using this material for décor in a child’s room. In addition to the obvious placement on the floor, you also can use this material on the wall or over the back of a chair. Its texture and colour will make it a unique element in the space. It also incorporates a natural element into the room that may otherwise be lacking in many children’s rooms.

This is a charming and understated material that could look great with almost any decorative scheme. Between the different colours, sizes and uses, you may find that there are multiple ways to take advantage of the decorative benefits of this type of rug. You may even decide to introduce cowhide into other areas of the room for further decorative benefits. Cowhide cushions are the perfect pairing with any cowhide rug.

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