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Looking For The Perfect Cowhide? Read Our Tips To Help You Decide

Posted by The City Cows Team on 31st Jul 2018

Decorating any room takes lots of thought. Attention must be given to each detail. This includes furniture placement. It also includes rugs. Rugs are a great way to add wonderful qualities to any room. Rugs provide texture, colour and warmth. There are many types of rugs on the market today. One of the most popular is that of the cowhide rug. Cowhide rugs are highly popular for a wide variety of reasons. These dramatic pieces make it easy to create a stunning focal point in any space. They also make it easy to decide on a theme for the room and help tie all the pieces together into a coherent and pleasing, organic whole. When thinking about how to pick out cow hide rugs, it's best to keep in mind many factors. These include the size of the room, the room's existing pieces and the features you want to showcase. 

The Size of the Room

Rooms vary greatly. Some rooms are small while others are much larger. Any rug made from cowhide should fit into the rest of the room well. In a smaller room, you'll want to make each element count. This is why it can actually be a great thing to use a larger rug made from cow hide in a smaller room. The larger rug helps create look that immediately attracts attention and keeps it there. In a room that lacks character, this is an excellent way to add detail and keep it interesting. A larger room can benefit from a smaller rug. The large room may feel cold and uninviting. One way to help reduce this effect is by creating a series of spaces within the room dedicated to specific activities such as reading and conversation. 

The Room's Existing Features

Sometimes people start with a blank slate. They may have some bare walls and nothing else inside. In other instances, there are lots of existing pieces. Cowhide rugs work very well in any room. Look for rugs that have the personality you want. Many people love these rugs because they are easy to care for, have intense natural beauty and can withstand many years of use without a problem. A rug can be used in a bedroom next to a bed to provide a soft spot in the morning when people get up. Rugs can also be used in ways such as next to a sofa. The rugs are a great way to help liven up the room's overall decor. Spread the rug on top of a love seat to add texture. Frame the rug on the wall to create an amazing focal point against what otherwise might be a bare and boring space.

Showing the Home

All homeowners want to show their home in the best possible light. Look for cowhide rugs that are made well to do just that. Some rugs are made from varied hides while others are made from a single cow hide. Use varied hides in spaces that may not get lots of light. A single hide is a great thing to lay atop your lovely hardwood floors or make cold stone tiles warmer. Look for pieces that blend in well with your color scheme. These versatile rugs come in many colors so you can always find one with the colors you like best. They also work well in spaces that get lot of use such as your living room. Give them a quick brushing every now and then and they'll look just as good as new.

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