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Metallic Cowhide Rugs–A New Twist on an Old Favourite

Metallic Cowhide Rugs–A New Twist on an Old Favourite

Posted by The City Cows Team on 22nd Dec 2020

When cowhide rugs come to mind, many people think of them as luxurious items that only famous or rich people can afford. Some consumers also think that they are difficult to care for and somewhat fragile. However, none of these assumptions could be further from the truth. Not only are cowhide rugs affordable, they are beautiful, easy to clean, and they are never difficult to implement into any existing decor. Additionally, they are also much more versatile than many customers may think.

Benefits of Genuine Cowhide

Genuine cowhide offers elegance and warmth to all the rooms in your home, but such rugs are also highly functional. Few items can boast both beauty and practicality, but authentic cowhide offers these two features and much more. Such rugs can easily add a touch of luxury and sophistication to a utilitarian space, such as an entryway, but are also appropriate in living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms. Fortunately, they are easy to clean with a quick vacuum or a damp rag, and offer exceptional longevity to their owners.

Traditional cowhide is a timeless, classic choice that adds warmth and style to any room. It feels wonderful against the skin, and its texture and appearance enhances any area where it is placed. If you have ever used a cowhide rug in front of a fireplace in your living room or at the foot of your bed, you know just how much a rug of this kind can enhance your current decor. However, if it is time to step up your decorating game and add something a bit more unusual, consider metallic cowhide rugs.

Metallic Cowhide is an Optimum Choice for a Unique Look

If you want to be the envy of everyone whenever you entertain, the brilliant sparkle of a metallic cowhide rug is your best choice. Imagine the silvery-white shimmer of a genuine metallic rug over a hardwood floor or as an extra layer on top of wall-to-wall carpeting. Our beautiful silver-white cowhides blend effortlessly with any colour scheme and will instantly become the focal point of your living room. If you prefer gold tones, we offer a brilliantly designed golden-white cowhide rug that will transform virtually any area from ordinary to stylish in an instant. For an edgy, elegant touch, consider a real cowhide rug in a unique shade of rose gold. This colour rug blends particularly well with hardwood floors due to its warm tone.

Metallic Cowhide in Adults or Children’s Bedrooms

Because metallic cowhide is so unusual, it can add flair to bedrooms as well. It’s versatility ensures that it can be used for a sophisticated adult’s bedroom, a trendy teen’s room, or a youngster’s nursery. For example, you can use a white and gold or white and silver cow skin rug to create a bit of sparkle in the master bedroom. These shades will not interfere with the room’s existing pattern. If you want to make your teenager happy with something trendy, yet you don’t want to have to worry about heavy foot traffic wearing it out, consider a metallic cowhide rug in chic purple or stylish aqua. For a nursery, you may wish to try a rose gold metallic cow skin rug or one featuring a golden white surface. Such rugs are also terrific for children’s playrooms, due to their outstanding longevity.

Fun, Non-Traditional Uses for Metallic Cowhides

If you are trying to dress up a room that has become a bit drab, consider using metallic cowhides in nontraditional ways. For example, they can be draped over the back of a chair or loveseat for a touch of glamour. They can also be hung as a wall decoration, and typically become a great conversation piece when displayed in this manner. You may also decide to lay one on your bed for a nice touch that can also help ward off winter chill.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Like other cowhide rugs, metallic cowhides are also easy to clean and maintain. Shake the rug outdoors on occasion to keep it looking new, and sponge up spills as soon as they occur. All of our metallic cowhide rugs are selected by hand in order to guarantee the highest quality hides with which to manufacture your rugs. We choose hides with the softest, most sumptuous hair available to ensure your satisfaction.

If you are planning to redecorate and know you like cowhide, give metallic patterns a try and see how they instantly brighten and enliven any room where they are placed.