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Reindeer Hide Rugs - The Ideal Accent Piece

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rd1.jpgOne of the best things about this animal skin is that they offer you a wonderful deep blend of natural beige, brown, sandy beige and creamy white colours.

These soft, shades go with almost any colour scheme and bring a real sense of rest and relaxation to a room. Reindeer hide rugs are very soft. Reindeer live in the colder climates of part of the Arctic regions and Northern Americas. Reindeer fur has hollow fibers. This makes these rugs incredibly cozy and super warm. Reindeer hides can be used as many things, including rugs, wall coverings and furniture throws.

Reindeer hides make beautiful central focal points and will bring a room together beautifully. Some might even call reindeer hides luxury flooring. The reindeer hide throw is a super soft blanket that is safe enough to wrap a baby in. The hide will keep you warm and snugly. When you are not using your hide throw. It then can be displayed on a wall as a natural decorative feature.

Each reindeer rug is unique with different hues and colours from a natural color scheme. Natural color schemes are easy to blend in with other colour schemes. Reindeer hide can be brought to any room color scheme without disturbing the color layout. Reindeer rugs will blend in with all kinds of interior spaces such as state of the art contemporary flats, traditional country cottages and brand new modern homes in city life. Remember when using a reindeer hide rug or throw, never have it in direct extreme sunlight or too close to the fireplace. This can shrivel, burn and brittle hair.
Reindeer hide is real natural follicles. These colours will not fade or wash out over time like dyed fabrics. This means the colours stay soft and rich for a long time. Do not use a vacuum or strong soaps to clean the hide. This will cause great damage to the reindeer hide. If looked after properly reindeer hide rugs, will stay looking fresh and bright for many years, which will make them a cost-effective decorative item.

Reindeer hide rugs, throws and decor can be used in most areas of the home. Areas such as, the living room, dining room and study. Keep them away from high humidity rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen due to water and food (accidents happen). Reindeer hides used as a rug, throw, or art decor has proven over and over to be an ideal accent piece.

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