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Reindeer Hides - A Luxury Interior Accent Piece

Posted by The Team on 16th Jan 2018

Have you been searching for the perfect luxury accent piece for your interior or exterior living space? Reindeer hides are the latest in home decor trends. The fur offers us rich blends of deep natural browns, tans and creamy white colors that bring texture and warmth to any color scheme. Reindeer skin serves as a stylish and sustainable accent piece for any part of your home. When using reindeer skin in your home it's important to note that because of the hollow hairs reindeer hides offer it's not recommended for the high traffic areas of your home. While you may be discouraged knowing you shouldn't welcome your guest onto an entryway reindeer hide rug, don't be. There are still many ways you can incorporate reindeer hide into your home.

So they say our entryway cant have a reindeer hide rug, but no one said we couldn't hang the rug on an accent wall. This wall hanging technique is a great way to preserve your luxury reindeer hide while still giving your guest the warm inviting feeling you were hoping for. Still, want to use that rug on the floor? A few low traffic ideas would be under the living room coffee table or ottoman where you can still enjoy the cozy effects away from the dirt and grime of the entryway. Another great use for reindeer hide around your home is as a throw blanket. Drape a throw over the foot of your bed or over the back of a couch to serve as a decorative and useful function for the cold evening you want to curl up with a good book.

Reindeer hide can be used outdoors in many of the same ways we use it indoors. While water and moisture won't harm your hide a covered area is recommended because it's important to allow the rug time to dry as well. Reindeer hide can be used outdoors to give your front porch an inviting warm aesthetic by draping a hide over the cold metal of your patio furniture, the porch railing, or even by pinning a hide on the door with a nice wreath. Another small way to incorporate reindeer hide is by wrapping the pots of your favorite weather-hardy plants.

Reindeer hides provide a unique and contemporary style that'll bring you a sense of luxury and comfort in any part of your home.

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