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Reindeer Rugs - Today's Trend

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Decorating our homes significantly reflects who we "are" to our guests. We desire that reflection to be an accurate portrayal. Our interiors also make us feel warm and relaxed in our homes. The atmosphere our interiors create confirms our innate sense of style. Whether the overall look of your space is contemporary or swings toward the polar opposite end of the spectrum at rustic (or anywhere in between), consider adding a reindeer hide.

Interior design professionals worldwide have embraced this powerful jolt of attitude to their projects. "Attitude" can mean anything from sumptuous, luxurious, or rustic charm and downright practicality. Although we might unconsciously connect the use of reindeer skin to rough ranch-style environs, the truth is that designers are also adding it to sleek, chrome-heavy, contemporary spaces. These hides add a warmth that may be lacking AND a fabulous "wink" to nonconformity. Hung on the wall between chrome shelving lends an otherwise dull contemporary space a shot of couture appeal. These hides are the newest, cutting edge trend on the interior design horizon.

From a practical standpoint, reindeer hides are immensely durable and can be used indoors or out. After all, the reindeer lived outdoors, right? As an investment, other than high-traffic areas, a reindeer rug is a intelligent and logical choice. Aside from practicality, imagine the positive start to your day by stepping out of bed in the morning and placing your feet on warm, plush reindeer hide.

In a society that finds a portion of the population eschewing the use of animal furs in fashion for ethical reasons, reindeer skins make perfect sense. The hides are gleaned from animals that are farmed and slaughtered for their meat. Rather than wasting the hides by destroying them, they are processed for use in the home. None of the animal is wasted.

Reindeer hides are ideal as a rugs, wall-hangings, bed throws, or as a splash of warmth in an otherwise cold decor. Picture a reindeer hide in a "man cave." How about draped over the back of a sofa? Reindeer hides look incredibly chic on the floor space under an industrial/contemporary coffee table. Even your office decor is "kicked up a notch" with a reindeer hide. The possibilities are as endless as your design imagination can take you!

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