Reinvent Your Home’s Interiors With Cowhide Furnishings

Reinvent Your Home’s Interiors With Cowhide Furnishings

Posted by The City Cows Team on 27th Jun 2022

Cowhide, although never really out of style, has become even more fashionable over the last decade. However, it’s not just being used in the classic, traditional ways that you may be familiar with. Rather, it is colourful cowhide patterns in the form of furnishings that have become components of larger design trends.

If you’re looking for something unique and unusual, but don’t want to completely redesign your entire home or do major renovations, you should definitely consider cowhide furniture. It provides the perfect way to infuse something remarkable into your home without having to make major changes. This is due to the novel patterns and designs associated with cowhide, which quickly breathe new life into otherwise drab areas of your dwelling for an affordable price.

This new way of decorating with cowhide just might be the most popular thing in today’s homes. Of course, traditional cowhide rugs are still a favourite among many homeowners. It’s just that numerous shoppers are now branching out to include cowhide arm chairsbarstoolsdining chairs and footstools. Cubes and cushions are also part of this decorating scheme. These are all options for contemporary, traditional, rustic, country, or even abstract decor. Designed to inspire and add warmth and texture to a room, cowhide is a failsafe option for any consumer. Below are some great ways to use cowhide furniture in your dwelling:

Reinventing Your Decor With Cowhide

All cowhide furniture pieces are typically unique in their own way. This is what gives you the option to place items of this kind in as many different areas of your home as you want without the themes or patterns ever getting repetitive. For example, you can choose cowhide barstools in brown and white shades for one room, and then use brindle patterned dining room chairs in another. You may decide to place striking black-and-white cowhide footstools in a bedroom or family room, and then opt for a multi-coloured set of cowhide club chairs for your living room. This way, each room becomes its own unique area, almost as if you are using a “theme within the theme” as you go along. Fortunately, when using barstools or dining room chairs that are upholstered with cowhide, you never have to worry about the patterns clashing, because cowhide will match virtually any table or counter, simply because the patterns lend themselves to essentially any style of furniture.

Mesmerising Accent Pieces

You can also use cowhide furnishings as accessories to create striking contrasts with other patterns and colours in various areas of your home. Even the addition of just one accent item can instantly breathe new life into old decor. Since no two pieces are completely alike, all items of this type make great conversation pieces as well.

Try placing an interesting collection of barstools and footstools in a family room or living room for a casual seating area when you have guests. You can mix patterns or choose a similar design for this area. It not only creates a panorama that is pleasing to the eye, but serves a practical purpose as well.

Designed to Inspire

Cowhide can add colour, texture, luxury and warmth to any room in your home. For example, a rich, brown and white club chair in front of the fireplace tells one story, while trendy black-and-white barstools tell another. Sophisticated dining room chairs in rich shades of gray create yet another atmosphere in a room. The options are virtually limitless, and when you use your imagination, you never run out of ideas.

Regardless of the theme of your home’s interior design, whether contemporary, traditional, modern, rustic, or eclectic, cowhide can only serve to enhance your decor. Such furniture is essentially in a class by itself, and is not specifically linked to any one interior design. This is why, unlike other options, any room can benefit from cowhide designs, whether you plan to just add a few impressive pieces or change the area's entire theme. Therefore, regardless of how you decide to decorate or how frequently you change the room’s overall interior design, it is always appropriate to use furniture pieces made from genuine cowhide.

Easy to Care For

Cowhide is also very easy to care for, and does not require any special maintenance. Simply wipe up spills before they have a chance to sink down to the skin, and shake dirt and debris from any cowhide rug from time to time to keep them looking nice and fresh. Unless they are subjected to undue abuse, cowhide furniture pieces will last for many decades, looking just as beautiful as they did when you first acquired them. Transform your home’s interior into a fashionable haven with cowhide furniture and be the envy of your friends and neighbours whenever you have guests.