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Sheepskin Rugs Offer Timeless Beauty and Charm

Posted by The City Cows Team on 16th Oct 2018

The sheepskin rug is a timeless classic that has satisfied customers around the world for multiple decades. However, these luxurious, plush rugs have recently enjoyed yet another wave of popularity. The positive benefits and lovely characteristics with which they are associated are likely the reason they remain a favourite choice that never goes out of style. Their luxurious texture and beautiful appearance consistently appeals to customers, no matter how often home interior trends change. City Cows is proud to offer high-quality sheepskin products that are guaranteed to satisfy even the most discriminating customer. Below are some of the best-loved features of these rugs:

Adds Warmth and Softness to Any Room

Sheepskin rugs are well known for the soft, warm ambiance they add to any room where they are placed. For instance, rugs of this kind can be used to great advantage over a tile hardwood floor, as they add an unmistakable warm touch and infuse a soft note into the decor. They are also beneficial in rooms such as nurseries or family rooms, where residents of the home may wish to sit on the floor or walk around barefoot. This is just one example of how sheepskin rugs are both practical and decorative.

Luxurious and Plush

Luxurious plushness is another well-loved characteristic of sheepskin rugs, as few materials can compete with the soft, supple feel of genuine sheepskin. Some consumers choose to place such rugs in front of a bed, easy chair or sofa, as it creates a homespun look to the room and also offers the perfect surface on which to place one's feet.

Various Sizes and Colours

Sheepskin rugs can be found in a variety of colours, including mahogany, black, brown, ivory, white and tan. For this reason, it is not a difficult task to design the perfect colour scheme for any room in which the rug is placed. For instance, a person may want to offset dark hardwood floors with a contrasting white or natural ivy shade. In a similar manner, a black or deep brown sheepskin rug is a terrific choice to place over light-coloured flooring. These combinations add a stylish and elegant touch to a home, and also reduce chilly drafts during winter. Some homeowners also like to place sheepskin rugs over carpeting to create a luxurious, layered look in the room.

However, the versatility of sheepskin rugs does not end with their traditional uses. They can also be used to add a fluffy, silky touch to a sofa, armchair or rocking chair. Additionally, because shoppers can choose from a single, double, sexto or quarto sheepskin rugs when making a purchase, they are guaranteed to find the perfect size for any room or use.

Rug Placement

Although there is really no bad spot for a lovely sheepskin rug, some popular areas in which to place sheepskins include in front of a fireplace, at the foot of the bed, in the centre of a living room seating area, or in a foyer or hallway that needs a special touch.

Caring for Sheepskin Rugs

Professional dry cleaning is recommended for sheepskin rugs. However, they can be maintained for several years without the need for dry-cleaning. This can be accomplished by simply vacuuming them on a regular basis and immediately cleaning spills or stains rather than allowing them to set in.

Interior designs change regularly, and homeowners typically redecorate every few years. Nevertheless, sheepskin rugs are guaranteed to endure through an ever-changing home interiors market and will blend well with virtually any decor, regardless of how often a customer may decide to redecorate. Ultimately, anyone who invests one or more luxurious and fashionable sheepskin rugs can anticipate a high level of satisfaction for many future years.

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