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Sheepskin Rugs–A Timeless Classic for Any Home

Sheepskin Rugs–A Timeless Classic for Any Home

Posted by The City Cows Team on 13th Jul 2020

Sheepskin is one of the world’s most luxurious animal hides, and rugs made from this substance are guaranteed to please virtually any customer. City Cows is happy to offer a broad range of rugs in this category, with something to suit every lifestyle and budget.

Plush Sheepskin Rug

The lovely characteristics of authentic sheepskin rugs include their attractive appearance and luxurious texture. 

Regardless of how often trends change on the interior design market, this timeless classic never goes out of style.

Below are some of the best-loved features of sheepskin rugs:

Creates a Warm Ambience in Any Room

Sheepskin rugs are renowned for their soft, warm texture, and therefore they create an inviting atmosphere in any area where they are placed. For example, such rugs can be a great benefit when used on hardwood floors, as they add a distinct, cosy touch to essentially any room. They can also be used in areas such as family rooms, living rooms, studies, or any place where a homespun touch is desired. In addition, because they are both practical and decorative, they are an excellent choice as a focal point for any room.

Sumptuous and Luxurious

Whether you are adding a few accent pieces or completely redecorating, you will be highly satisfied with the overall results when you invest in a genuine sheepskin rug to dress up your home’s current decor. Not only do they add warmth, as mentioned above, they also add a touch of elegance because of their luxurious plush texture. Cheap imitations quickly wear out, and even when they are new, they never have the soft, supple feel of authentic sheepskin.

A Variety of Uses

In addition to their primary use as a traditional rug, there is a vast array of other ways they can add that special touch to your home. For example, a single sheepskin can be used as a plush bath mat or placed under a desk in a home office or study. Another popular use for such rugs is as an additional layer of warmth on a bed or to cover up with when relaxing on an easy chair or sofa. Ultimately, the ways in which rugs of this type can add charm to your home are limited only by your imagination.

Something to Please any Customer

We know that one size does not fit all, especially when it comes to home interiors. Everyone has their own individual ideas about what type of the design they like and which accessories best complement their home’s interior design. Fortunately, regardless of what you have in mind, we have the perfect sheepskin rug for you. For example, if you are planning to offset dark-coloured hardwood floors with a lighter shade, you will be pleased with a sheepskin rug in a contrasting colour of white or ivory. If your flooring features lighter wood or tiles, sheepskins can be acquired in brown, mahogany, black or other deep shades. You may also choose to create a layered look with several rugs of a similar colour. No matter which combination you use, you will be pleased to discover that it will add an elegant and stylish touch to any room.

Sheepskin Rug Care and Maintenance

It is best to have your sheepskin rugs professionally dry cleaned. However, it is easy to maintain them for several years before this type of cleaning becomes necessary. No complicated maintenance is needed, simply immediately clean up spills or stains before they have a chance to set in and gently vacuum the rugs on a regular basis.

If you are like many individuals, you change your home’s interior decor on a regular basis. Fortunately, sheepskin rugs are guaranteed to survive multiple changes with home interiors trends, and no matter how often you plan to redecorate, you can rest assured that your fashionable sheepskin rugs will never go out of style. 

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