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Simple Tips on How to Care for Reindeer Rugs

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The popularity of the reindeer rug is growing, and whether you use them as an alternative to an area rug or furniture throw, they require unique care to extend the life of the hide. To protect the proteins that are inside the hide, the reindeer skin is tanned so it has a more waterproof quality. To ensure that they last for many years, it is important to follow a few of these simple tips on how to care for reindeer rugs.

The reason these types of rugs are so popular is because they are considered more ornamental than functional. For that reason, you should really limit the amount of foot traffic over your reindeer rug. If they are walked upon for extended periods of time, it might be a challenge to keep up their original pristine condition.

One thing to understand about the reindeer skin is that it is going to shed frequently for the first few weeks it is in your home. If you are to take care of it properly, there is no reason the reindeer hide shouldn't last you for many years to come. Take the rug outside and simply shake it off each day for the first few weeks. After about three weeks, the loose hairs will settle down and you might only need to shake it out once a month thereafter.

While your reindeer rug is on the floor or a piece of furniture, inevitable some type of liquid is going to be spilled on it. Although the reindeer hide is usually coated with a silicone treatment, there are some things you can do to dry the hairs without causing it any damage. Take the rug outside and allow it to dry in the sunlight. The bright sunshine will also help to disinfect the rug in the case it has become contaminated inside the home.

Keep the reindeer rug away from the fireplace or areas with extreme heat. The hairs of the reindeer rug are hollow, coming in close contact with a high heat source like a fire will cause the rug to molt and shed rapidly. To ensure the integrity of the rug, leave it outside for one day a month to strengthen those hollow hairs.

If you follow some of these reindeer rug maintenance tips, you should enjoy your new rug for many years to come.

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